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1. Introduction

SkyEye is a complex system software. The developer of SkyEye should know some principle of OS, compiler, debugger etc. If you decide to join the SkyEye project. You will get some help from the SkyEye guys. Also you will feel happy to contribute your time and energy to a useful tool for a lot of programmer.

2. Join Mailist

Register a user on webiste. And send your UNIX ID to You will be added to SkyEye project on the website.

Join the Maillist: developer maillist here patch commit and review maillist here.

3. Setup your development environment

3.1 On Windows 3.1.1 git client You can download a git client for source code management. I recommend you can download the software Portable Git 1.7.4 Preview 20110204. You can get it from skyeye website at here:

3.1.2 Mingw environment and its shell Download the mingw development environment at skyeye website:

3.1.3 Python

3.2 Linux You can select various distributions of linux. As I know, some developers use Ubuntu and others use OpenSuse as the development host. The following package should be installed on your development machine:

4. Get source tree and Build

See [the chapter][1] in User Manual

5. Debug your SkyEye

5.1 Use gdb to debug Your SkyEye

6. Make and send your patch

7. Misc

7.1 config your own email addr and user name before generate any patch.

The option in .gitconfig corresponding to user name and email addr as the following:

       name = Michael.Kang
       email =

7.2 gmail client configuration

In the your gitconfig file, you can add the following option to make gmail client to help you send the patch to the maillist.

        smtpserver =
        smtpuser = <user>
        smtppass = <password>
        smtpssl = true
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