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1. Intro

2. Preparation

2.1 Do some regular testing on the candidate branch

Before select the branch as the release candidate, firstly we should evaluate the stability of the branch. You can run the skyeye testsuite by auto-test script.

2.2. Fix the bugs found in 2.1 step.

2.3 collect the finished feature list and bug fix list in your release.

collect the finished feature list and bug fix list in your release. That is your test case for the release in additional to some regular testing.

2.4 Testing the list collected in 2.2 step and fix any bugs found in this step.

2.5 Testing again Maybe between 2.1 and 2.4, some developers will commit new patch in the candidate branch. You should test them again. You also can decide these patch only be merged later after you create the release branch.

3. Release snapshot

3.1 Select the release snapshot

When you decide the some version as the release candidate (some git commit ID, or SVN version number). You can make a tag on this version , such as "skyeye-x.y.z-RC1".

3.2 Make a branch for the release

Make a branch for the release based on the selected version in 3.1. Then modify the version number in or other files to your desirable.

3.3 Do intensive testing

Do regular test and test in 2.4. Fix any bugs you found.

3.4 Make a testing package when you think the release branch stable enough

Invite more people to testing more on testing package on various platform.

3.5 Give the release snapshot

If found any issues or bug , fix and commit it. Then repeat 3.3 and 3.4

4. Make a release package

If we found no bugs in 3.5, take the snapshot package as the release package and make sign on it. Publish the release package to the official website.

5. Reference

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